Stunning heritage façade at Batman

Join our Green Dream

Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Batman's Hill on Collins Melbourne aspires to be the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly hotel in Melbourne. To promote water efficiency, we'll give you a water timer to use at the hotel and at home and ask you to re-use your towels. If you don't use your soap, leave it on the vanity and we'll recycle it with our partners at We love to recycle so leave your cardboard, glass and hard plastic on the desk, and of course, turn off your appliances when they're not in use.
Heritage Melbourne Accommodation on Collins Street

$10 Food & Beverage Credit

To join the Green Dream, place your door hanger on your door before 1 a.m. to decline housekeeping service. As a thank you for helping us conserve resources and taking care of this wonderful country, we'll give you a gift.

If you're staying with Batman's Hill on Collins for more than 1 night, you'll receive a $10 F&B credit at checkout for each night that you stay.
Sink in the Batman