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The 6 Best Shops on Collins Street Melbourne

As one of Melbourne’s best areas for boutique shopping, Collins Street is an enticing prospect for people of all tastes. If you’re looking for the latest fashion finds or unique souvenirs, this iconic shopping precinct is located right on the doorstep of Batman’s Hill on Collins! From womenswear through to jewellery, here are six of the best shops on Collins Street you simply can’t miss.


1. Harrolds at 101 Collins Street

Some of the best shopping in Melbourne is at Harrolds at 101 Collins Street.png
Image via Harrolds

Featuring designer labels such as Tom Ford and Balenciaga, Harrolds is a go-to shop for those seeking luxury items. Treat yourself to one of the many Tom Ford fragrances available, which includes the brand’s iconic take on the Middle Eastern scent Oud. You can reach Harrolds by heading east on Collins Street.

Located at 101 Collins St, Melbourne


2. Haigh’s Chocolates

Calling all Chocolate lovers - perfect chocolate shop in Melbourne, Haigh's Choc
Image via Tripadvisor

Few places in Australia offer chocolate as decadent as the treats you’ll find at Haigh’s. A haven for chocolate lovers, the shop offers a never-ending selection of handcrafted chocolate slabs, delicate truffles, and tempting hampers of their finest creations. If you love one-of-a-kind flavours, indulge in a block of dark honeycomb and let the combination of bitter and sweet melt into your tastebuds.

Located at The Block Arcade 7, 8/282 Collins Street, Melbourne


3. Aesop’s

Aesop’s, on Collins Street.jpg
Image via Australian Design Review

Stepping into Aesop’s is like stepping into another period in time entirely. The shop has an old-worldly charm that you just won’t find anywhere else. Offering some of the finest natural skincare solutions in the world, Aesop’s is particularly famous for its elegant Gentle Cleansing Milk and Olous Aromatique Room Spray.

Located at 87, Collin’s Street Melbourne


4. Treats from Home

Get your sweets on Collins from Treats-from-Home
Image via True Local

Catering to the flocks of expats who settle down in Melbourne each year, Treats From Home gives you the chance to feel as though you’re stepping away from the city and into London. In addition to slightly kitsch Royal Wedding memorabilia, you’ll find Yorkshire Tea and Maltesers.

Located at 234, level 1 Collins St, Melbourne


5. Reiss

Reiss on Collins Street in Melbourne. Modern clothing, accessories
Image via The Urban Developer

Although Reiss is a global brand, its Collins Street branch is an especially enticing prospect for shoppers of all tastes. Whether you’re male or female, you’ll find it’s the perfect store for grabbing an outfit that’s classy, yet affordable. For both men and women, the brand’s shoes act as ideal business-casual or date night solutions.

Located at 260 Collins St, Melbourne


6. Quists Coffee

One of the best coffee stops on Collins Street Melbourne - Quists Coffee
Image via Tripadvisor

With a 75-year strong history of producing perfectly blended coffee, Quists was the first store of its kind to open in Melbourne back in the mid-twentieth century. While many other coffee shops have flourished throughout the city since none can hold a torch to the level of quality you’ll find at Quists.

If you’re looking for something a little different, take some of the store’s Sidamo beans home with you and immerse yourself in their powerful flavour.

Located at 166 Little Collins St, Melbourne


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